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The methodology employed is adaptable, tailored to the specific requirements of each project at hand. Typically, the project journey encompasses vital stages such as research, creative strategy, design, and implementation.

Phase One: Research

Our initial step involves conducting extensive research into your company’s history, target market, positioning, competitors, industry trends, differentiators, and reputation. This comprehensive investigation comprises site visits (where feasible), interviews, and thorough desk work. By addressing crucial questions about your product or service, such as its intended audience, desired impact, challenges, and success indicators, we establish the foundation for our work. Understanding your company’s vision and analyzing best-practice brands with strong positioning helps us focus our efforts effectively.

Phase Two: Creative Strategy

At this stage, we develop a strategic plan based on the insights gained from our research. We identify visual cues and set client expectations for how individual elements of your brand identity can evolve and align with your business objectives. By considering the sector context, target audiences, and competitors, we establish a benchmark that guides all design decisions.

Phase Three: Design

Several weeks are typically dedicated to creating a document for client review. Since the strategic plan has already been approved, we present one or two digitally-rendered design ideas. Our presentations include digital mock-ups showcasing how the logo and brand identity can be applied to various print and digital contexts. Feedback on how well the work aligns with the established benchmark is crucial, allowing for necessary revisions and refinements to achieve the strongest and most enduring outcome.

Phase Four: Implementation

We ensure that the implementation process is as efficient as possible. This may involve setting up social media profiles, creating a range of posts, tailoring identity guidelines for international offices, or collaborating with print firms to ensure cost-effectiveness. We strive to make the implementation seamless and support our clients even after the project’s completion, addressing any inquiries related to design implementation, offering visual guidance, or assisting with additional branding elements.

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