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I love working with clients to create brand identities and websites, bringing stories and visions to life.

I am Will.D

Will Donoghue

I’ve worked with brands in over a dozen countries and designed for some of the largest design agencies and fashion/footwear brands in the world.

My expertise lie primarily in Branding and Website design, I have honed my skills through extensive involvement in the digital, fashion and footwear industries.

If you seek a dedicated and experienced designer who can transform your vision into reality, drop me a line.


Brand Design. Logo Design.WordPress Website. Brand Guidelines. Margate

In 2003 starting with the creation of flyers for club nights and occasional website projects I delved deeper into the design arena taking on the challenge of establishing a small boutique website design agency in Cambridge in 2008.

As time moved on, I made significant strides and found myself drawn to to London. It was there that I joined forces with Mylo Design, which has since evolved into This Place, as one of its directors and founders in 2012.

During that period, I worked with clients such as Mandarin Oriental, Mc Saatchi, Leftbank Pictures, Delhaize, and Supremebeing.

In 2015, I became a founding member of SaiKutsu for five years – a sustainable footwear initiative created by the world’s leading sustainable denim manufacturer Saitex.

SaiKutsu delivered development and design consultancy for fashion and footwear brands such as Converse, Everlane, True Religion, New Balance, Tretorn, Volcom, and EcoAlf. Whilst working at SaiKutsu I Creatively Directed the company designing internal brands, strategies, footwear ranges, websites, films and more.  

Brand Design. Logo Design.WordPress Website. Brand Guidelines. Margate

I was also an integral part of the Saitex team creating digital presentations and films enabling large-scale projects resulting in world-leading factories and Mills built in LA and NYC.

I now work freelance as ‘Will.D’ or scale up projects creating teams under the name ‘I am Will.D Agency’.

If you're in need of assistance with website design or branding, feel free to reach out.
I'm here to help bring your vision to life.


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